Is there any age restriction for registering on lottery site goldenpotuk.co.uk?

Yes! Only 16+ age person can register and participate in lottery site!

How can I register on this website?

You can sign up on goldenpotuk.com by filling up registration form or using your facebook.com account!

What do I need to do when registration is done?

You can browse many of lottery items and participate on them also you can make chages on your personal information under My Account section.


How does competitions work on website goldenpotuk.co.uk?

Basically there is many competitions around our site and you can participate in them with at least 100 tickets per item and competition winners are chosen by computer function random and lucky winner will receive email with confirmation as well as information will show up on our Winners section with lucky winners Id

How long time takes one Competition?

Competitions start and end in diferrent time period. You can read more details under each competition item.

How much costs one competition ticket?

There are different kind of competition types on our website as well as price for tickets can variate. More details you can read under each ticket.

How can I pay on this website?

You can checkout on our page with your Visa, Master or American Express credit cards or using your PayPal account.